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Purna Yoga

“Purna” means “complete,” and Purna Yoga distills and integrates the vast aspects of yoga into an invaluable set of tools for transformation and healing.  It offers more than just exercise. . . because you are more than just a body.

You have a body, but you also have aspirations, dreams, relationships, careers, finances, and many other facets of your life.

World-renowned yoga-asana master Aadil Palkhivala and renowned meditation and Kundalini master Savitri envisioned a system that nurtures all of you to help you feel more alive and to shine your light into the world.

They founded Purna Yoga to fulfill that dream.

Welcome Home

As Sri Aurobindo said, “All life is yoga.” May you discover the many ways in which Purna Yoga says “Welcome Home,” offering you tools, techniques and wisdom for feeling at home in your body, and at home with your spirit, for this is the true gift of yoga.  -Savitri and Aadil

When we feel lost, sad, confused, stuck, stiff, or are in pain, our bodies are telling us that we have lost contact with the most important part of us, our spirit. Therefore, we must use our breath, movements, thoughts and feelings to welcome our spirit into our first and most important physical home, our bodies. Purna Yoga teaches the mind, the body, and the emotions how to be at home with the spirit. Purna Yoga is the art of loving yourself by living from the heart.

The Four Petals of Purna Yoga. . .

  • Safety and Alignment-based Asana
  • Heartfull™ Meditation & Lifestyle, created by Savitri
  • Applied Philosophy
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

. . . address all four aspects of our being:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

A Purna Yoga practice helps you:

  • Understand the ins and outs of a high quality and fulfilling yoga practice
  • Focus on your own spiritual connection
  • Develop your intuition
  • Be empowered to live from your heart instead of from your head.
  • Discover how to become more caring, happy, and heart-centered
  • Live your purpose


Heartfull™ Meditation

The techniques of Heartfull™ Meditation are simple, yet a very powerful means of really initiating positive change in our lives.

Our modern lifestyle does not cater to time in stillness, but instead our minds are filled with information and noise from morning till night. We are fed with images on how to look and act, what to do and say to be cool and successful. But the success we are looking to achieve is external and once all has been achieved we are left with an empty and unfulfilled feeling. We then start looking for more material things to fill the void inside. With only more emptiness as a result.

As long as we look to outer circumstances for our happiness, we will find only brief moments of it, but the long-lasting inner contentment and peace will only come through finding the connection to our true self, our soul. 

The dynamic meditation techniques, that Savitri has been guided to develop, help us to find this connection. To find the infinite love and wisdom that we all possess in the Heart Chakra.

They will help to focus the mind, so that gifts of the mind can be used to serve the purpose of the soul. That way the quiet voice inside can be heard. These techniques will also help the energy of the lower chakras, the vital energy, which vibrate at lower frequencies, aspire towards higher vibrations, toward true love.

Thus we are uniting the mind and body with the soul, which is what Yoga is all about - moving from living in separateness to living in union.