Private Yoga in Helsinki


Traditionally, yoga has been taught one-on-one. 

Practicing one-on-one with a teacher allows for optimal adaptation of yoga for an individual students needs and capacities. In this setting, the potential for technical adjustments and therapeutics for an individual student can be fully explored. 

Private yoga lessons are ideal for anyone, and especially: 

  • individuals who prefer a one-on-one setting to group
  • students who have questions about things they have learned in class, and want deeper knowledge
  • individuals who have a physical symptom they wish to relieve with yoga


Therapeutics in Yoga

During private lessons we can address a students personal issues. If a student has a back problem, for example, we can use therapeutics. We give individualized exercises they can do at home which, in effect alleviate those issues. 

The application of yoga through therapeutics has helped many people, at all stages of life. An excellent example of profound physical change at the age of 85 that was facilitated through yoga can be seen here.

Tove has completed therapeutic trainings with Aadil in the following:

  • Lower back
  • Upper back
  • Neck and Shoulder
  • Knees


For more information about Private Yoga Lessons and bookings, please get in touch with Tove.