The wonder of life

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Two days ago I got a new grandchild. It wasn’t my first one. I have many, so you would think I’d gotten used to it.

But no! Each and every time is such a miracle.

the wonder of life.jpg

I saw her for the first time today and to hold her in my arms and to look into her eyes, which display eons of wisdom, was one of those moments I’ll never forget.

That tiny, perfect little body, with all the little toes and fingers perfect with nails. Long, although, tiny eyelashes on those tiny little eyelids. Everything sculpted to perfection. Her dark hair, soft a silk. I’m in complete awe. At life.

A new soul on this earth, with her whole life in front of her. Unknown to me, like a book, where nothing yet is written. Yet she has come with a purpose and my hope is that she will find it early in her life.

That she will fulfill her life’s purpose and become happy.

That is what I wish for my new beautiful granddaughter, for all my grandchildren and for you and every soul on our beautiful planet!

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